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Children’s Memorial Redevelopment: Public Meeting | A Recap | The City Process

Jul 26, 2012 by


The following is a reprint of the Alderman’s Newsletter of July 12, 2012


Dear Friends,


The developer has notified me that he has completed the next version of the proposed plan for the Children’s Memorial site. We are announcing a town hall meeting to give the developer the opportunity to show these plans to you.


CMH Community Development

Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, July 26

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

the DePaul Student Center, Rm 120

2250 N. Sheffield  


I urge you to attend not only so that you can see the new plans for the site from the developer, but most importantly, so I can hear your input.


In addition to July 26th’s large community meeting,  I am requiring that the developer hold a series of meetings with every community group.

A Recap 


In preparation for these meetings, let’s review what we’ve done thus far, and what will be happening next.


Back in September at the first large community meeting, we strove to understand the impact Children’s had on the neighborhood today to give us the foundation to compare it to the impact of any future proposal. Children’s Memorial Hospital reported to us:

  • Over 1.5 million people were on the hospital property per year
  • Over 12,500 trucks made deliveries to the hospital
  • Over 1,300 cars parked in the garage at one time each day
  • Children’s baseline traffic study estimated that Children’s alone was responsible for 30% of the traffic around the site
  • Some of our local businesses, including popular neighborhood institutions, could lose between 7% and 50% of their business when the hospital leaves

Second, we discussed the site’s relationship to our neighborhood. To sum up that presentation:

  • The site contains older buildings which are important to the community and contribute to the neighborhood’s distinctiveness
  • The site is at the crossroads of the Lincoln Park Community, at the heart of a destination area for theater, music, and of course, DePaul University
  • The site is directly adjacent to beautiful, low-rise residential neighborhoods and historic districts

Third, we discussed our goals for the site and our values. The HOK study, done three years ago, identified the following community priorities.  The new development should:

  • Respect the existing neighborhood
  • Create a distinct mixed-use place, including housing for a variety of income levels
  • Promote a multi-modal transportation network
  • Support sustainable development
  • Ensure continued community engagement

In December, 2011, the developer, McCaffery Interests, rolled out a conceptual plan for the site.  I required the developer to hold a series of community meetings to discuss the tentative site plans and then revise those plans based on feedback.


The City Process


McCaffery Interests has told me that it intends to begin the city review process by filing an application for rezoning of the property on July 18, 2012.  Residents within 250 feet of the site will receive a notice of this filing, as required by city ordinance. This filing does not in any way preclude changes to the plan.  Indeed, the City has told me that, due to the complexity of the site, it will take several months to conduct its review.  This is more than enough time, in my view, for our neighborhood to review the plan ourselves and have input.


Let Us Know What You Think – Attend the Community Meeting July 26 


This plan must preserve what we value about Lincoln Park, while creating an exciting new crossroads for our community.  I want to make sure that our review is thorough and considered, and at the same time, that we proceed in a structured manner so we get the job done.


My first commitment is to you.  We will have as many meetings as necessary to get this right.

For more information, visit our website, which already archives presentations and videos from the September, 2011 and December, 2011 community meetings.



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Children’s Memorial Hospital Decommissioning Plan Fact Sheet

Jun 19, 2012 by

Children’s Memorial Hospital

Decommissioning Plan Fact Sheet


Children’s Memorial is committed to decommission (a general term for a formal process to remove something from active status), the property safely and in a manner that respects the community.


Activity Required

Removal of all equipment, furniture and other items not permanently affixed within the building and final cleaning of all interiors.



Our plans are based on completing all necessary decommissioning work by October 1, 2012, subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen delays.



Three security officers will be on site 24/7. One will be inside the hospital in the control center, monitoring the video surveillance on site. The other two will patrol both interiors and perimeters of all buildings which are vacated.


Maintenance/landscape/pest control

The hospital will continue basic building maintenance – heat, boilers, lights and fire protection.  It will continue its ongoing contracts for exterior maintenance, pest control, and landscaping until we turn over the property to McCaffery Interests.



Signs are currently installed around the perimeter of the building indicating that the hospital is closed. In addition, security will be distributing flyers to anyone who comes to our hospital seeking care, informing them of the new location and contact information.


Site logistics/fencing

Construction fencing, six-foot tall chain-link fence with a blue mesh cover, will be installed at all vehicular entrances to the hospital site. All of the entrance fencing will be in place for the entire decommissioning phase.


Street Closures for Medical Imaging Equipment Removal

Two MRI’s are located inside the buildings along Orchard Avenue need to be removed. One is located on the second floor, and will require removing the brick and window to allow crane access. Upon completion of removal, the wall then will be repaired to its original condition. The second MRI is located in the sub-basement below the sidewalk. The sidewalk will be removed to gain access to the sub-basement for the MRI removal by crane.  Once removed, the sidewalk will be repaired to its original condition. We are currently targeting mid-July to remove these devices. Temporary construction fencing will be in place for the duration of the projects. Additional information on the closure of Orchard Avenue will be made available once we have permits for the construction.


White Elephant Shop

The White Elephant Shop will close on September 1. They have already stopped taking donations, and want to thank everyone for the many years of support and patronage.


Lincoln Avenue Garage

The former Children’s Memorial Hospital Lincoln Avenue Garage will continue its normal operations for monthly and hourly parkers through July 1. Starting July 2, we are pleased to offer temporary, free parking for up to 5 hours, from July 2 – November 1.  The garage will be blocked off to allow parking on the first two floors only (approximately 100 spaces) and elevators will not be in service.  Our security detail will provide close monitoring of the garage usage. Current monthly parkers will be offered the opportunity to continue their contracts through November 1.

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Change to Original Plans at Lincoln Park 2520 Site

Jan 14, 2012 by

Change to Original Plans at Lincoln Park 2520 Site

The original plan for the lots on Deming behind Lincoln Park 2520 was for 11 townhomes.  It was announced this week that the developer Ricker-Murphy has partnered with custom home builder BGD&C to build 5 (or less) high-end homes there.  The photo here is a representative home as shown on the Lincoln Park 2520 website.

You may recall that the lots on St. James that were to have 8 townhomes were sold to Joe Mansueto of Morningstar, Inc. and  word is he will be building a 7,200 square foot home there.

More details can be found at Curbed Chicago or Lincoln Park 2520.



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Childrens Memorial Redevelopment Meeting December 14th

Dec 20, 2011 by

Childrens Memorial Redevelopment Meeting December 14th

Submitted by guest blogger Patricia Joseph

Park West members joined with neighbors from other community associations to review and comment on the conceptual plans for the Children’s Memorial Hospital site at a Town Hall Meeting on December 14, 2011 at the Hospital’s Bigler Auditorium.

Alderman Smith kicked off the presentation, stressing that the neighborhood is behind a development that will serve as a crossroads for the community and be award winning in its design. This was the second community communications meeting, covering the “conceptual plan” for the CMH property.  With the Hospital moving to its new digs in June, 2012, the pressure is on to come up with a plan for the site so that work can begin late in 2012.

Dan McCaffery, Chairman and CEO of McCaffery Interests, and Joe Antunovich of Antunovich Associates, presented the plan that focused on two floors of retail from Belden to Fullerton on Lincoln Avenue.  The emphasis was on creating a lively street level presence with residential space above the retail rising to between 16 and 20 stories.

An interior courtyard accessed from Lincoln was also part of the plan as it is envisioned today.

The intent is to retain and repurpose the vintage buildings along Lincoln, opening up the boiler building, laundry and the terra cotta building that currently houses the White Elephant Shop on Lincoln, to new retail space.  Other vintage buildings that are part of the complex, the Wilson Jones building on Orchard south of Fullerton and Nellie Black on corner of Fullerton and Orchard would be developed separately.

Green roofs, a public meeting space, and rooftop gardens are other amenities included in the plan.

While this presentation covered the ideas and concepts that might be ideal for the community and redevelopment of the site, it was stressed that lining up commitments from retailers and financing was key to moving forward with this idea.

A PDF of the presentation is posted on the Alderman’s website http://ward43.org and/or you can access segments of the meeting on the Alderman’s YouTube channel.

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Children’s Memorial Hospital Town Hall Meeting – December 14th

Dec 12, 2011 by


Children’s Memorial Hospital Town Hall Meeting


 Wednesday, December 14th

6:30-8:00 p.m.

Children’s Memorial Hospital

2300 Children’s Plaza

Bigler Auditorium

The developer will be rolling out the conceptual plans at this meeting.  Please attend to see the draft plan and ask questions.